Flavor Ingredients for Natural Sodas

Sodas are great, refreshing, and delicious beverages, but for many they are becoming a treat that they only indulge in once-in-a-while. With the rising popularity of healthy food and beverage items, this is no surprise – nor is it a surprise that more people than ever are turning their attentions toward natural sodas in order to get their soda “fix”.


Natural sodas can be just as delicious as their traditional soda counterparts and, in fact, traditional sodas often use a number of natural ingredients in their makeup. The main difference between these soda products is the fact that natural sodas generally use either cane sugar sweetener or no sweetener at all, relying instead on the sweetness of the fruit extracts that go into their makeup to give them their refreshing flavor.


Not all natural sodas are fruit sodas, of course. In fact, there is a wide range of natural cola beverages available on the market. Natural colas use many of the same ingredients as other types of cola, such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Vanilla Extracts, citrus extracts such as Natural Octanal, and cinnamon flavor ingredients, such as Natural Cinnamic Acid.


Many other types of traditional soda beverages can also be created with natural flavor ingredients as well. Cream soda is often flavored with natural vanilla extract, while root beer is one of the easiest natural sodas to recreate through natural means. Cinnamon, cassia, clove, ginger, anise, and mint are just a few of the flavors that can go into the creation of root beer, and all are available in a natural flavor variant that makes it easy to mix and create delicious natural root beers.


In addition to the many traditional sodas that are easy to recreate through natural means, there are a number of other types of sodas that are popular among buyers that utilize natural flavor ingredients. Virtually any fruit flavored natural soda has a firm place in the market. Both common fruits and exotic fruits are common finds, and mixes of different kinds of fruits are becoming increasingly popular.


Among the most popular fruit flavors for natural sodas are cherry, berry, and apple. Citrus flavors are popular ranging from lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit to mixes of various citrus fruits, which can make for a delicious and refreshing twist. Grape soda is a classic soda flavor that has now been translated into a delicious, natural form using flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Methyl Anthranilate.


Melon is another flavor that, while long popular in foreign markets such as Asia, is only now becoming popular in the domestic market. In fact, this is true of many natural sodas, many of which are taking their inspiration from foreign countries where simpler sodas have traditionally been just as, or even more popular than, more complex sodas. One of the great things with the rising popularity of natural sodas is that, in addition to being healthy, they offer flavorists plenty of opportunity to play around with new and delicious flavors. There is a lot of room to explore in this growing market.