Flavor Ingredients for Vodka

More companies than ever are producing a range of flavors, with custom flavor creation being the name of the game in many industries. Among those that have seen a flavor boom in recent years are flavored vodka, which can run the gamut when it comes to the flavor profiles used in their creation. There are a number of things for companies to think about when choosing the flavors for their vodkas, such as the types of mixed drinks that they will be used in and the markets that they are trying to reach.


Fruit vodkas have always been among the top picks when it comes to flavor, as these are the vodkas most often used in different types of mixed drinks. Among the most popular and purchased flavored vodkas are cherry, blueberry, raspberry, lime, coconut, apple, and orange. A number of companies are looking for ways to enhance their vodkas with natural extracts, though synthetic flavor ingredients are also a popular choice, and when mixed with other ingredients can produce unique flavors such as sour apple. Advanced Biotech offers a wide variety of fruity ingredients.


In addition to these classic fruit flavor ingredients, more exotic fruits have made their way into the flavored market just as they have made their way into branches of the liquor and beverages industries. From acai berry and passion fruit to cucumber and melon, there are always new areas to explore. Advanced Biotech’s Natural Guava Flavor is also a popular choice.


Another popular choice from year to year is vanilla vodka, which is often used in sweeter mixed drinks. Different types of vanilla must be chosen carefully in order to ensure that the appropriate flavor is achieved. In the same vein, a flavor ingredient with a buttery profile can be used to create the ever-popular butterscotch flavor. Another popular choice with a fairly simple mix of flavor ingredients, but that can make a big impact, is cinnamon flavored vodka.


Concoctions using several different flavor ingredients have also been popular in distilleries. Combinations such as lemon flavor ingredients and cherry or strawberry can create delicious pink lemonade, while mixing orange with creamy flavors can create orange “creamsicle” reminiscent of the popular summertime frozen treat. This method is often used to recreate other beverages, such as sweet tea, root beer, and fruit punch.


However, the biggest trend in the flavored vodka industry is toward unique custom flavors. Whipped cream, cupcake, cotton candy, and other custom flavors can be created with the right combinations of flavor ingredients such as vanilla, ingredients with notes of chocolate or cream, nutty flavors, and products such as almond flavor.


The market for flavored vodka is expanding, and the popularity of mixed drinks means that the consumer base for flavored vodka is one of the more experimental crowds. Whether a distillery is interested in purchasing the ingredients needed for an espresso flavored vodka, caramel vodka, or something a little bit different, like a vodka infused with mint and cucumber, there are a number choices. The flavor ingredients that are available to create these products span the entire flavor industry.