Flavor Options for Gums and Mints

Spearmint and peppermint are all well and good, but they’re hardly the most exciting flavor options out there on the market. Especially not today. Just one look at the checkout stand is more than enough to prove that flavorists have gone above and beyond to creative innovative new gum and mint flavors that defy expectations and provide buyers with something a little bit different. There is quite literally a flavor option out there to suit anybody’s particular tastes, whether they prefer tropical delicacies or delicious dessert flavors.


When it comes to more diverse gum and mint flavors, there are some that have been around for about as long as mint, but that can still be pretty excitement. One of these is cinnamon, which can be recreated in a gum or mint through the use of Advanced Biotech’s Natural Cinnamic Acid or Natural Cinnamic Aldehyde. And as for fruits, there are just as many classics as there are innovative new fruit flavors out there. Sweet fruit mixes, tropical mixes, and even fruit flavors mixed with mint are all popular options that are popular for very good reason.


Some of the more unusual fruit flavors that have made their way out into stores are those such as strawberry, kiwi, banana, green apple, and pear. For the most part, the fruits chosen to flavor these types of gums and mints are sweet, tangy, tart, and refreshing. They leave a clean taste in the mouth that can help perk anybody up throughout their day, no matter what that day may entail.


But finally there are the aforementioned “dessert” flavors. Various combinations can lead to the unique flavors of things like mint chocolate chip ice cream, sugar cookies, and much more. While it may seem a little too good – and a little too “Willy Wonka” – to be true, these are some of the most popular and hottest selling gums and mints on the market. There are still a plethora of options waiting out there to be explored in the flavored gum market, so flavorists should be sure to drive innovation and continue coming up with fresh new ideas for their consumers.