Creating Flavored Marshmallow Treats

Flavored marshmallows can be a great treat, whether they’re enjoyed on their own or used to make other food products. Flavored marshmallows can be a wonderful addition to s’mores and puffed rice treats and can be enjoyed in hot cocoa as well. There are many incredible options — and with the variety of ways that marshmallows can be flavored, those options are multiplying.


One of the most common ways to flavor marshmallows is with coconut. Coconut flavor, available through the use of flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Gamma Nonalactone, can be a great addition to numerous different types of products. Coconut flavored marshmallow cream is also commonly used as a filling in a number of different treats and baked good products, amplifying its uses even further.


Strawberry flavor ingredients, such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Strawberry Furanone, can also be used to create great-tasting marshmallows. Other options include berry flavors, citrus flavors and banana flavor. These marshmallows are especially popular in miniature size because they can so easily be used to create delicious foods such as fruit salads.


Don’t expect these to be the only marshmallow flavors available, though. Flavored marshmallows are quickly catching up to other types of flavored confectionary treats. Options such as birthday cake flavored marshmallows can soon be expected to arrive in grocery stores, where they can be used to create new snacks or to make even better cocoa than ever before. There is no better time for flavorists to get onto this trend and start exploring their options.