Flavorful Hacks to Boost Instant Ramen

Quick, inexpensive, and delicious, instant ramen is a lifesaver for college students, those on a budget, or anyone looking for an easy meal. While savory soup and chewy noodles are good enough for most, we at Advanced Biotech like to take our food to the next level by enhancing them with natural flavors. Join us as we share some of our favorite ramen hacks to make your next bowl an experience you will want to make again and again!



                Easy-to-cook proteins like chicken, shrimp, and even ground turkey or beef are a quick way to add substance to a bowl of instant ramen. Simply sauté proteins in the oil of your choice, add garlic, salt, pepper, and even spicy elements like chili powder or smoky chipotle to taste, and top to create a satisfying and easy meal. Use leftovers like steak, shredded pork, and grilled chicken for an even faster fix by reheating in a pan or microwave, or warm up frozen pork, vegetables, or shrimp dumplings to save a few steps. For a vegan or vegetarian meal, add cubed tofu, rehydrated dried shiitake mushrooms, or even seitan to get the protein and volume to make instant ramen enough for a meal.



                Fresh or fermented vegetables are a great way to add both flavor and nutrition to a bowl of instant ramen. Bok choy, corn, or spinach are easy and inexpensive choices, adding both texture and health benefits to an otherwise not-so-healthy meal. Finely chopped scallions, thinly sliced carrots, and sautéed mushrooms also add flavor, nutrition, and color to instant ramen. Fermented vegetables like kimchi or picked mustard greens add a punch of tangy flavor as well as helpful bacteria to support digestive health.  More traditional choices like pickled bamboo shoots also add a unique vinegar flavor and texture to ramen.



                Creativity is the ultimate ingredient when it comes to spicing up instant ramen! Don’t discount cheese when it comes to elevating this simple dish. Although unconventional, cheese adds a pleasant creaminess that cuts through the heat of spicy ramen as well as an impressive melty, cheese pull the entire family will enjoy. Toasted sesame seeds and peanuts add an interesting crunch as well as a warm nuttiness that compliments many savory broths. Along the same line, peanut butter adds a creamy richness that mimics rich pork-bone broth that has been boiled for hours and also pairs well with seafood broths like shrimp.


Simple instant ramen can be endlessly doctored up to fit even the most refined palates with these quick and flavorful hacks!