Flavoring Natural Sodas

Natural flavor ingredients have been used in sodas since they first hit the market. However, a unique section of the soda industry is breaking off that uses nothing but natural flavor ingredients. Natural sodas are just one of many types of food products that have arisen as consumers become increasingly focused on great tasting foods and beverages that are also good for their health. However, the creation of great natural soda products is about far more than creating sodas that utilize only natural ingredients in their creation.


One of the most notable things about natural sodas is the fact that they primarily rely upon fruit flavors in their creation. Additionally, the fruit flavors that they seek to recreate go beyond basics such as orange, cherry, and grape. Flavors such as pomegranate-cherry, blackberry-lime, and even more exotic fruit flavors, such as Advanced Biotech’s Acai Berry and Hibiscus, have made their way into the natural soda market.


Of course, it isn’t all about the fruit flavors, and many natural soda manufacturers are also looking to create old favorites with the use of all-natural ingredients. These include products such as colas, root beer, cream sodas, and much more. The natural flavor ingredients used in the creation of these products can range from Natural Citrus Enhancer, for the citrus notes commonly found in colas, to Natural Vanillin, which is used in an incredible number of soda products in the natural soda industry.


Whether a company is looking to be innovative and new or to create an old classic through all-natural means, flavorists have a range of choices when it comes to all-natural ingredients. Extraction techniques have made harnessing all-natural flavors easier than ever, and new flavor ingredients are entering the market every year. As natural soda products continue to increase in popularity, consumers will have more products than ever to choose from.