Flavors Ideas for Artisan Pizzas

What’s your favorite flavor of pizza? That used to be a pretty simple question to answer – cheese, pepperoni, sausage, or some combination of the above. Of course, some specialty flavors have been around for a while now, such as Hawaiian pizza and cheeseburger pizza. But now, artisan pizza makers are taking the concept of the unique pizza flavor to an entirely new level.


For the past couple of years, artisanal pizzas have been one of the hottest food trends, and that’s something that you can expect to continue through 2016 and beyond. Pizzas with exotic flavors, new combinations of unexpected flavors, and even pizzas that bring in other classic flavors to create something new, unique, and of course delicious are all being found in shops and grocery store freezers around the nation.


So what are some of these artisan pizza flavors that are making a big splash? Some are incredibly simple, such as caramelized onion and cheese pizzas that can make use of flavor ingredients including Advanced Biotech’s Natural Savory Complex, in addition to fine cheeses, in order to create a flavor profile that relies on the natural properties of these and other ingredients for complexity.


But that’s just scratching the surface when it comes to the many flavors being made available. From delicious toppings to unusual and radically gourmet sauces with a host of different flavors, down to the different types of flavors used in these delicious artisanal crusts, there is a little bit of something for everybody out there to enjoy, and flavorists can have a blast creating new favorites for consumers.