Fragrance Ingredients for Natural Bath and Body Products

People care about the products that they use on their hair and skin, now more so than ever. To meet the demands of customers who want to use only the best quality natural ingredients in their soaps, shampoos, body washes, and lotions, it is important to have access to only the best natural ingredients. As anticipated, the market for these products has continued to rise, and as such a number of manufacturers are looking for natural fragrances to use in their product lines. From fruit fragrances to herbal fragrances and everything in between, there are a number of natural products that can go a long way toward creating a great natural bath and body product.


It is easy to gauge what makes a bath and body product “natural”, and it is becoming easier than ever to find fragrance ingredients that are naturally produced from botanical and plant sources, as well as ingredients that are organic compliant, such as those available from Advanced Biotech. However, what can be a little bit more difficult for some manufacturers is deciding what fragrances to use in their all-natural products.


Not surprisingly, the aroma of a lotion, soap, or a shampoo can play a large role in the experience of using that product. Natural bath and body products can be just as complex as other products, but there is a tendency among consumers to prefer variants that do have a more “natural” feel. Preferences run strongly toward products that have fresh, clean notes, with citrus extracts such as orange and lemon being among the most popular additions to these products.


Floral fragrances are among the most popular, as is to be expected, but one increasing trend it the combination of floral fragrance ingredients with herbal or even fruity notes. An herbaceous blend when mixed with rose, such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Bulgarian Rose Oil Type, can create a great natural scent, and combinations of products, such as lavender and lemon, are becoming more popular than ever.




It would be difficult to say which of the fruit fragrances is the most popular, as each holds a strong place in the market. Classic fruit fragrance ingredients such as apple, pear, and strawberry all hold a strong place in the market as perennial favorites. However, tropical fragrances are becoming increasingly popular, such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Mango Essence, Natural Melon Aldehyde, and Natural Delta Undecalactone. One interesting thing to note in the natural bath and body product market is the popularity of vegetables, such as cucumber, in fragrances.


Vanilla retains its place as one of the most common, as well as one of the most accessible, natural ingredients on the market. It can be blended with virtually any type of floral, fruit, or herbaceous fragrance ingredient to produce a more complex aroma. Another popular fragrance is almond, which has an almost cherry-like flavor and produces a sweeter fragrance profile that still has a natural aroma.


One of the more important things among consumers is not the individual fragrance ingredients used in these products, but the ways that they can be blended to create new and unique fragrances. Advanced Biotech can help any fragrance creation team in the development of unique fragrances for their natural shampoos, lotions, and soaps by exploring current trends to find new and unique fragrance ingredients for use in their products.