Fragrances for Summer Skincare Products

From sunblock to tanning oil, there are many skincare products that are primarily sold during summer. The seasonal nature of these products means that the room to explore with fragrance creation for these products might seem a little bit limited – however, there is always room to explore and experiment when revitalizing an existing product or creating a fragrance for a product from scratch.


Notably, skincare products made for summertime use tend to go for tropical aromas such as coconut (which can be added to a product through the use of  natural fragrance ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Gamma Undecalactone) or citrus (which can be added to a product through the use of fragrance components such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Octanol). However, more fragrances are being made available, some of which may contain floral notes or general fruity notes as opposed to the strongly tropical aroma of these types of skincare products.


Also important to note is that skincare products for sun protection are no longer primarily used during summer, so there are many great ways to create scents that are vibrant and fresh that can work equally well in the spring, fall, or even winter months.


Sun protection has evolved in numerous different ways, so fragrance designers should also keep in mind that there are special things to take into consideration when creating BB creams with SPF protection, moisturizers for the face, lotions with SPF protection, and even specialized products such as foundation. The fragrance in these products is generally kept mild, but can be useful in masking the notably strong aroma of any product that protects against the sun.


Think about all these factors and more when creating fragrances for products for the skincare industry. Also remember that because these products are all designed for use on the skin, it’s important to use ingredients that have little potential for harmful interaction with the skin, which is at its most sensitive when being exposed to the heat and the sun for any longer periods of time.