Creating Fragrances for Natural Skin Care Products

It is not just those with sensitive skin who are seeking natural skin care products. In fact, an increasing number of people are looking to natural cosmetics and skin care products for their daily needs. This rising popularity means that it is more important than ever for companies who create these products to investigate new and better ways to create great, all-natural products offering a range of different fragrances.


The exact fragrance itself is a major component of a natural skin care product. Unlike what is often the case with other products, natural skin care products do not rely on “unidentifiable” aromas. In fact, the closer to all natural a product is, the better. Customers seeking out these natural goods want aromas that are true to life, no matter what type of floral or botanical source is being recreated in the product.


This is why it is important in the creation of natural skin care products that companies pay close attention to the fragrance ingredients that they are using to create them. Only those products created with the best possible extraction methods will be free from impurities and, therefore, as natural as they claim to be. The lack of outside chemicals or ingredients in these products also means that they will be better for the customer’s skin and better for the environment, something that is important to many modern day buyers.


Whether a company is looking to use a product such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Ionone for a violet fragrance, Natural Neryl Acetate for the fragrance of orange-blossom, or Natural Strawberry Furanone for a sweet strawberry fragrance, they will quickly find that they have many more options than they thought possible. Advanced Biotech produces a wide range of quality, natural ingredients that can be used in an even wider range of ways, providing much room for growth in the creation of great new products.