“Free” Foods – The Demand for Natural Ingredients

What’s the food industry trend at the moment? While there are a host of new flavors and food items out there, the biggest and most groundbreaking of all trends is the consumer demand for “free” foods – that is, foods that are gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and overall free from synthetic or otherwise unnatural ingredients.


Natural Ingredients are the biggest new trend in flavor creation, no matter what’s being produced. Not only that, but when it comes to ensuring that food items free from gluten or other ingredients have the same great taste that consumers expect, it’s important to use the right flavor ingredients. Certain ingredients can be used to produce brown notes in products such as breads, just to name one example.


One notable thing about the rising trend of Natural Ingredients in product creation is its widespread use across the industry. From kid’s foods to candy products, ice cream, marinades, snack foods and much more, Natural Ingredients are the now cornerstones of flavor creation – even outside of the specialty foods market.


While Natural Flavor Ingredients, such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Vanillin, have always been a popular choice in flavor creation, other ingredients such as Natural Furanone and Natural Melon Aldehyde are now being used in place of synthetic alternatives to create delicious flavors in a range of products, from soda to sauces.