Fresher Fragrances for Facial Cleansers

There’s a lot to think about when creating fresher fragrances for personal care products, but those that are used on sensitive areas of the body such as the face require even more attention to the finer details. It’s important to note that there are many factors that should determine which fragrance ingredients can be used in facial cleansers. First and foremost, these products must contain ingredients that will not cause any harm or irritation to the skin. This is especially true in the case of facial cleansers that will contain additional materials such as exfoliating products, as these could open up the skin to even worse irritation.


The experience of the person using the facial cleanser is also important. The majority of facial cleansers are designed for morning use, and therefore are usually designed with this in mind. On the whole, fresher fragrances used in facial cleansers tend to be fruity and refreshing – they are invigorating enough to help awake an individual and get him or her ready for the day ahead, while still gentle enough in terms of fragrance so as not to be overwhelming to the senses.


Because of this particular need, citrus aromas rank highly when it comes to facial cleansers. However, the aromas of orange, lemon, and lime on the whole tend to be just a little too harsh for the purposes of creating these types of products. That is why fragrances such as grapefruit, which is much more gentle and soothing, are often preferred. Other fruit aromas may also be used – most are also light aromas, such as pomegranate. Even aromas like cucumber, which can be produced through the use of Advanced Biotech’s Natural Green Complex, may appear as an aroma component of facial cleansing products.


With all of these fragrance ingredients, there is one thing to keep in mind in the creation of facial cleansers – it is almost universally accepted that the best source of fresher fragrances for these types of products is that which is produced through Natural means. This means that perfumists looking to create great aromas for these products should attempt to do so through natural extracts and fragrance ingredients whenever possible. That can lead to a product that has a great aroma, that provides the right aroma experience, and that will not cause any irritation to the skin – all things that are important with facial cleaners.