From Flowers to Vegetables to Glitter: Coffee Flavors in 2020

Here at Advanced Biotech, we’re always excited as the beginning of a new year draws near to see which new flavors and trends we can anticipate. We love discovering the latest trends–and coffee is one category that never disappoints. Check out these brand-new coffee trends that we’re looking forward to seeing in 2020.


Flower Coffee


Floral syrups are enjoying their moment in the spotlight. From orange flower and rose to lavender and geranium, flower flavors are, surprisingly, right at home in a cup of coffee. Consumers are discovering the joys of a spoonful or two of a favorite syrup in their morning cup of coffee, with the most discerning foodies adding personal touches such as a sprig of lavender for garnish. Experimenting with floral coffee flavors is a great idea for any flavorist.


Fruits and Veggies


Believe it or not, yes, we are still talking about coffee in this category: it’s becoming popular to match coffee with a vegetable or fruit. For example, Australians are enjoying “broccolatte”–coffee made with broccoli powder. Orange coffee is another popular choice, as orange tends to smooth out the bitterness of coffee, especially in combination with notes of cinnamon.


There are endless ways to experiment with this unique trend, so coffee manufacturers can feel free to play with fruit and vegetables flavors to create new and unexpected combinations in everyone’s favorite beverage.


The Glitter Latte


When you think of a latte, you may think first of the way it tastes, but today’s consumer is becoming more interested in how it looks, too. It’s true–lattes are now sparkling and delicious. Getting its start in England and India, the glitter latte is decorated with edible glitter to look bright and glamorous–and Instagram-ready. This highly photogenic drink depends on the quality of its milk froth for optimal appearance and taste.


Rainy Coffee


Here’s a trend you may not be familiar with (yet): Rainy Coffee, a simple black coffee with a cotton candy cloud suspended overhead (yes, it’s as poetic as it sounds). The coffee’s heat and steam cause the cotton candy to melt into a sugary “rain” that adds sweetness and flavor.


There is never a shortage of new trends in the world of coffee drinks. Beverages such as coffee present evolving ways to experiment with flavors and new products to keep today’s adventurous consumers satisfied.