Frozen Dairy-Free Dessert Flavors

Now that summer is here, it’s no surprise that much of the talk in the world of flavor creation is on delicious frozen treats. However, what’s also big at the moment is discussions of how to create great tasting food items that do away with dairy.


Whether an individual can’t have milk and cream in their diet because of an intolerance or an allergy, or because they have made the decision to go vegan in their diet, there are plenty of reasons an individual may opt for an alternative, dairy-free version of their favorite frozen dessert. These products may be made from any of a number of different ingredients, including soy, coconut milk, almond milk, and even rice. The one thing that flavorists must keep in mind when using any of these products to create a delicious, dairy-free dessert is the importance of ensuring that they have the same great feel and flavor of any other frozen treat they may pull from their grocery store freezer.


That can be easier said than done, as flavorists must work with the natural flavors of the products being used to create these frozen desserts. Soy can be notoriously chalky, while the natural sweetness of almond milk must be dealt with appropriately to ensure a great flavor. Creamy notes such as those offered by Natural Delta Decalactone from Advanced Biotech’s line of Natural Flavor Ingredients can be one great way of ensuring that a product has the same great feel as their dairy product cousins a few shelves over.


And of course, having great, high-quality flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Vanillin can help to ensure that the focus is on the flavor itself, and not on the fact that it’s a dairy free alternative.