Frozen Desserts With No Added Sugars? The Answer Is Fibersol®

Climate change concerns, lifestyle change, and the recent global Covid-19 pandemic have accelerated interest in healthier eating and more responsible food production. Part of this kinder trend – a search for global natural ingredients that are better for the consumer and the planet is a demand for no or low-sugar food and beverage options.
At the same time, artificial sweeteners are coming under fire, with several options falling short of the pure and natural sourcing and manufacturing consumers want.
With the continued desire for delicious sweet treats, whether candies, confectionaries, or frozen desserts, how can the industry deliver tasty products while respecting the “clean label” healthier and more natural consumer needs?
The global natural solution may be Fibersol®, a vegetable-based maltodextrin.
What is Fibersol®?
Let’s start with understanding maltodextrin, a type of polysaccharide.
Derived from several vegetable-based sugars, usually, wheat, rice, potato, or corn, maltodextrin is produced through hydrolysis to break down starch molecules. Each minute piece is then spray-dried and purified to yield a versatile powder that can offer a mildly sweet or neutral flavor profile.
The globally available natural powder can be used in energy supplements, including gels, drinks, and powders, and as a food additive to act as a glucose substitute, preservative, to add bulk, or to improve mouthfeel. Applications include artificial sweetening in breakfast cereals, salad dressings, snacks, and desserts.
Fibersol® itself is a trademarked brand made from soluble corn fiber, offering no added sugars and eight grams of fiber per serving. Each gram of the natural product is low in calories, contains only 0.02% sugar, and is 90% fiber.
The Benefits of Fibersol®
Beyond representing a well-tolerated and healthier sweetening alternative, Fibersol® offers the following beneficial features:

  • Fat replacement: The inclusion of Fibersol® in your product formula allows you to replace fats with soluble solids. In addition, this is possible without compromising freezing point depression. These solids yield a creamy taste without the undesirable fat content, building back mouthfeel and completing your flavor profile. This benefit means more taste and texture for your consumers and fewer health drawbacks.
  • Blood sugar management: As a digestion-resistant fiber, Fibersol® may reduce spikes in serum glucose and triglycerides after eating, helping to balance insulin, blood glucose, and triglyceride levels. Hence, in addition to making your product appealing to sugar-reducers, including Fibersol® may help make your product diabetic-friendly.
  • Weight management: The product may help increase specific satiety hormones, holding post-meal cravings at bay for longer. This feature means your consumer can enjoy an indulgent treat without worrying about unnecessary empty calories or sugar disruption and help control post-snack hunger pangs as a weight control mechanism.
  • Enhanced digestive health: The natural fiber in Fibersol® provides a healthy source of prebiotics to help the gut’s beneficial bacteria – or probiotics – thrive. With recent research highlighting the importance of gut health to overall well-being, this feature offers a significant health benefit for consumers. In addition, the same fiber promotes regularity, another critical element of general health maintenance.

Fibersol® is the result of over 30 years of global natural research and trials. As a result, the ingredient is purer, cleaner, and simpler, offering beverage and food manufacturers an undeniable competitive edge among increasingly health-conscious consumer segments.
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