Floral+Fruity Flavors Pairings

We are in a Renaissance of flavors as many consumers around the world say that they love trying new things. To keep up with the demand, food-and-beverage brands are finding new and unique flavor combinations.


As so often happens with new trends, the younger generations push the demand. Unlike times of old, they are looking at a holistic approach to health in how the body, mind, and environment work together. Botanical ingredients meet consumers’ expectations because they are unique, and they are also natural and clean.


Tried and True


Lavender and rose are a mainstay in teas and sparkling waters, but these botanicals are now also appearing in cookies, ice cream, and alcoholic beverages. They are trusted, but they are increasing in popularity as more plant-based diets emerge amongst the health-conscious set.


Floral-Fruit Combinations on the Horizon


Hibiscus began gaining popularity in the last few years, finding its way into tea, beer, yogurt, and chocolate. U.S. consumers love its tart-floral flavor, especially when combining it with fruit flavors like in Peach Hibiscus Greek Yogurt.


For consumers who are new to botanical ingredients, adding fruit flavor can help lessen unease towards an unfamiliar taste. Lemon paired with lavender or strawberry with hibiscus combine perfectly well together, helping spread the savor to a broader audience.


Japanese Influence


The cherry blossom, or sakura in Japan, is the country’s national flower. The blooms are ubiquitous in springtime, and it is now a flavor ingredient found in Frappuccinos and lattés. On the other hand, the orange blossom has a rare taste, nuanced by a subtle orange flavor, but lighter and more complex than orange extract. Orange Blossom Vinegar works well with salads, fish, or cheese.


A New One to Watch


The popularity of the elderflower is increasing globally, even though it is not well known in the U.S., except in upscale establishments. Raspberry and Elderflower Sorbet or Tarragon and Elderflower Ice Cream promise to become extremely popular as a sophisticated choice since its untapped potential will be hard to miss. Consumers will be considering beverages such as Pear Elderflower Seltzer or various baked goods imbued with the elderflower very soon.


Florals are Eye-Catching


In a social media world, the pink hues of the cherry blossom provide a beautiful visual element to lattés and mixed drinks. Consumers will always decide with their taste buds, but it is more enticing to try something new if it is pleasing to the eye. The taste, of course, will bring them back for more.