Fun Flexitarian Flavors

Flexitarianism is a type of plant-based diet (or, depending on whom you ask, lifestyle). The difference between a vegan and a flexitarian is that a flexitarian will occasionally include some meat in their diet. Sometimes referred to as “casual vegetarianism,” flexitarianism is growing in popularity as more people discover the benefits of eating a plant-based diet and want the best of both worlds.


One of the biggest new developments is about hybrid products that cater to those looking to reduce their meat consumption for both sustainability and health reasons. Many industry experts expect hybrid products to become mainstream in the near future because they merge meat and non-meat in products ideal for flexitarians.


Indeed, the growing number of flexitarians provides a huge opportunity for those in the meat industry. Hybrid products are based on meat but also incorporate non-meat proteins. These ingredients are mixed to provide real-meat taste with less actual meat in the product.


Like any new product, hybrid foods present unique challenges for flavorists. Getting the texture and taste just right is essential to the success of the products and the companies creating them. Many suppliers are turning to a range of flavor options such as marinades, sauces, spice blends, and more. Even seasonings get a makeover when it comes to hybrid products, with newcomers such as “liquid spice” getting more attention as these are hybrid products themselves – combining the advantages of both wet and dry seasonings in unique ways to help companies create tempting flavors, appearances, and textures.


Through the use of products such as liquid spice and the addition of premium ingredients such as fine herbs, truffles, smoked paprika, and whiskey, hybrid products are gaining their place in the spotlight as being delicious, lean, healthy, and sustainable. Besides classic barbecue flavors, these products lend themselves to countless flavor possibilities such as Asian, whiskey Western, and many more.


Flavorists looking to break into a new, growing industry have a unique opportunity now to appeal to an increasingly educated and motivated portion of the population. Consider flexitarian culture and the modern need for products that address their needs and desires to take your flavor business to the next level.