Ginger Flavor & Trends

Ginger is a classic flavor that has been used in a number of different applications, and in a number of different types of cuisine. It has several properties that make it incredibly appealing, especially considering the types of flavors that currently dominate the marketplace. Ginger has just enough spiciness to add appeal to various dishes without overwhelming them, can add a lot of warmth to a food or beverage product, and yet still manages to be very refreshing. There are many ways that great ginger flavor can be added to a dish, including ginger oleoresin and  ginger oil, just to name a couple.


A number of classic food and beverage items that utilize ginger flavor are sure to experience revitalization in the upcoming year. One of the largest uses of ginger flavor has been in the beverage industry. The most notable use of ginger is in products such as ginger ale, ginger beer and teas, which use strong notes of ginger to create a distinctive warm yet refreshing flavor. However, this is not the only use of ginger in the beverages industry.


Ginger is also a common component of a number of different types of herbal drinks, energy drinks, and even other types of flavored sodas. Ginger is also seeing an increased usage as a flavor ingredient in natural sodas, sparkling water drinks, kombucha and other similar items.


Another factor in the increased usage of ginger in the flavor industry is likely to be the increasing popularity of new and unique Asian food flavors. Ginger is a classic component of Asian dishes ranging from those of Japan to those of Thailand, China, and Korea. It is perfect when paired with much spicier flavor ingredients such as hot peppers, and could be a key factor in the creation and manufacturing of many different types of great Asian sauces, marinades, and other similar food items. It is also likely to see popularity as Asian fusion dishes take off in the coming year, with an increasing number of manufacturers looking for new and unique ways to use these flavors.


Ginger flavor is also commonly used in the creation of products such as ginger snap cookies and gingerbread. While these are classics, it is likely that these classic flavors will also spread to other areas in the baked goods industry. Ginger can even be used in the creation of delicious and unique ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato products. With more consumers than ever looking for a new way to enjoy this spicy, warm, and refreshing flavor, there has never been a better time for manufacturers to explore the usage of ginger.