The Growing Use of Spearmint Flavor

Mint flavors are among the most common in the industry. However, spearmint rivals traditional mint for a number of different reasons. While the differences between spearmint and traditional mint are subtle, they can have a big impact on the overall flavor of a product. The experience of spearmint as opposed to traditional mint is much smoother and less impactful, and in general spearmint tends to be both cooler and sweeter than its close cousin. Spearmint flavor can be recreated in food and confectionary products using Advanced Biotech’s Natural Carvone-D, Natural Carvone-L, and Natural L-Carvyl Acetate.


The area in which spearmint is used most often is in the creation of candies – especially hard mint candies, as well as candy canes during the holiday season. Spearmint can be used alone to create a great overall flavor. However, it can also easily be paired with other types of flavors to create great new products. Spearmint flavor ingredients are also commonly used in the creation of products such as gum.


However popular these applications for spearmint flavor may be, products such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Carvone-D have seen increasing popularity outside of the confectionery industry in recent years. One of the fastest growing uses for spearmint flavor is in the creation of products such as flavored waters. Additionally, a growing number of flavorists in the industry of sodas and energy drinks are utilizing spearmint flavors to enhance the overall quality of new, custom flavors.


Spearmint aromas have also increased in popularity in recent years. From scented candles to home cleaning products and room deodorizers, spearmint can provide a fresh and clean scent that can invigorate the senses. The fact that it is not quite as strong as traditional mint also means that it can be a little less overwhelming for the homeowner that wants a product that has a slightly more subtle impact.