Hard Cider Trends for Fall

The hard cider industry has been growing both in volume and diversity. Although it currently only accounts for about 1% of the overall alcohol beverage industry in the US, the category has grown over 10 fold in the past decade. According to Nielsen, “local and regional cider sales are up 15 percent year-over-year, and nearly half of the top 50 cider brands show double-digit growth in off-premise sales.” As craft cider industry continues to grow and develop, Advanced Biotech takes a look at popular flavors consumers can expect to see on shelves.




            Pear has become a popular flavor on the cider scene and is rising in ranks to outdo even the classic apple. Delicately sweet and floral, pear cider makes for a mellow, well-rounded drink to enjoy around an autumn campfire. To ramp up the autumnal appeal, manufacturers are also experimenting with warming spices such as cinnamon or ginger to mimic a more traditional warm apple cider. Pear cider also pairs well with both savory and sweet foods, making it the perfect addition to any fall get together. The possibilities are endless for this mild fruit, and we expect its availability and seasonality will propel its popularity throughout the season.




            Sour craft beers have been all the rage within the past few years and cider is finally catching up. Sour cherry hard cider has been making a splash in the industry for its uniquely tart flavor profile and overall drinkability. Typically blended with granny smith apples and rounded out with a touch of pear or lemon juice, cherry ciders are an ideal blend of season fruits with a unique kick that will keep consumers coming back for more.




            Honey has become a popular complimentary ingredient in many fruit-based ciders for its natural sweetness that balances out tart brews. Paired with everything from apple to blood orange, the mellow, floral additive makes for a well-rounded drink that plays well with entrees and desserts alike. Honey is also well-liked for its wellness properties, and follows in the trend of alcoholic drinks with added health benefits.