Harnessing the Flavor and Fragrance of Cucumber

When it comes to the most prominent flavors and fragrances in the industry, most people would not immediately jump to think of cucumber as a common ingredient. However, cucumber is surprisingly popular, in large part due to its mildly sweet vegetable flavor. Cucumber has only been increasing in popularity over the past several years as an increasing number of consumers look for new, unique and all-natural flavor ingredients.


Advanced Biotech’s Natural Green Complex is a great source for cucumber flavor and fragrance, and can be used in a number of different ways. Within the flavor industry, one of the most common uses for Natural Green Complex as a cucumber flavor is in the recreation of cucumber for products such as flavored water. It can also be used to help recreate cucumber flavor in products such as Mediterranean sauces, soups, and much more.


Cucumber is also a prominent aroma in a number of different applications, ranging from bath and body products such as lotion, body soap, and hand soap to home cleaning products, scented candles, aerosol air fresheners, and much more. It is generally combined with aromas that have similar notes, such as melon or herbaceous fragrance ingredients.


One of the biggest benefits of Natural Green Complex when it is used to create cucumber fragrance or aromas is the fact that it is completely natural. This makes it perfect for use in natural bath and body products and in the creation of natural cosmetics. It is also perfect for use in virtually any type of food or beverage product, no matter what consumers are searching for.


With the rising importance of natural products, as well as flavors and aromas that can create natural sensations, it is no surprise that cucumber has seen such widespread popularity recently. This trend is only expected to continue as perfumists and flavorists find new and innovative ways to use products such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Green Complex.