Harnessing the Natural Powers of the Rainforest

Natural landscapes like the Amazon rainforest are more than just beautiful, they’re a source of everyday products that consumers depend upon. From skincare to spices, coffee to super fruits, the rainforest is a treasure trove of natural resources and health benefits. Join us at Advanced Biotech as we explore all of the wonders the rainforest has to offer.



                Many fruits and vegetables grow in the dense and humid rainforest – it’s shocking how much of our everyday diet actually grows there! Bananas, avocados, coconuts, guavas, and pineapples are all harvested from the rainforest and transported to distributors where they are then sold in retail stores for consumers. The super fruit acai is also famously from the rainforest. This massive health food hit grows on the acai palm tree, native to the Amazon rainforest, and are rich in naturally occurring vitamins as well as the holistic anti-aging component antioxidants. Fortunately, these powerful berries can be harvested without damaging the trees or the surrounding nature of animals that live there. Other useful by products like coconut oil, which is often used in natural skincare and haircare products, can also be found in the rainforest.



                Many spices that are easily recognizable in any pantry or spice rack originate from the rainforest. Spices like black pepper, chili, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, paprika, ginger, and nutmeg can all be found in the rainforest. No matter what type of cuisine you are in the mood for, chances are it has been seasoned with spices that originated from the rainforests. Unfortunately, some of the spices, as well as other resources, harvested from the rainforest are grown in ways that harm their environment. It’s important to choose foods that are grown with sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming methods and to check the labels on the foods to ensure that they are organic and fair trade.



Often referred to as the “food of the Gods”, chocolate is derived from the cacao tree. Cacao trees survive only in areas that receive at least four inches of rain per month and love to grow in climates with high humidity, making the rainforest the ideal environment for it to grow in. These trees produce large pods that contain up to 60 cocoa beans, which are harvested and turned into products such as cocoa powder and chocolate. It takes nearly 14 cocoa pods to create one pound of cocoa after processing, and with cocoa and chocolate products always in high demand, cocoa is perhaps one of the rainforest’s most valuable resources.


Although rainforests may seem far away and mysterious for most people, these large habitats play an important part in consumers’ everyday lives. From fruits to skincare and everything in between, these natural landscapes provide us with many natural ingredients used in food, fragrances, cosmetics, and beverages.