Healthy and Delicious – Crafting Green Juices

Is there anybody who hasn’t heard of the green juice craze? Green juices, produced from ingredients such as kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, and herbs such as basil and mint, are the latest and greatest way for people to get their daily doses of healthy vitamins and nutrients. And there are more ways than ever to indulge in green juices, whether you purchase pre-packaged green juice products or head to a restaurant for a delicious green smoothie.


Flavor designers have jumped onto the green juice bandwagon and are increasingly having a hand in creating delicious green juice products. One of the most important starting points for flavor designers is in the enhancement of the green juices themselves. There are many natural green flavor ingredients that can be used to add a boost to products that may have lost some of their flavor due to the pasteurization, bottling, or refrigeration processes. Other vegetable flavors that may be used in the production of these products include carrot, which can be added with Natural Carrot Extract, or celery (with Natural Chicory Furanone).


However, it should go without saying that the natural “green” flavor of green juices isn’t exactly something that everybody loves. Those who are into the green juice trend for the health benefits and not necessarily for the flavor often enjoy flavor combinations that combine green juices with delicious, sweeter fruit flavors for a healthy but delicious kick that buyers can enjoy even if they’re on the go and searching for a bottled drink.


Some examples of fruit flavors commonly combined with green juice include citrus flavors such as lemon and lime, as well as strawberry, banana, and apple. These can easily be added to a green juice product with flavor ingredients such as Natural Strawberry Furanone or Natural Ethyl Levulinate. Tropical flavors are also popular when mixed with green juices, and they pair especially well with the natural flavors of these products. Consider mango, pineapple, and even flavors such as banana. There are fantastic natural and even organic flavor ingredients available for all of these flavors so, as a designer, you can enhance the flavor of green juice without taking away from its all-natural qualities.


One thing is for certain – the green juice trend is here to stay, and it’s something that flavor designers should be on board with. Consider these options when crafting a healthy, delicious product!