The Hottest Aromas for Skin Care Products

For consumers who are willing to experiment and explore the various different aromas and fragrances for their hair, or for those who love the many fragrance options available to them with fine perfume, may be a little more reluctant to be experimental when it comes to the fragrance of their skin care products. And that’s understandable, since the skin is particularly sensitive to fragrance.


It makes sense, then, that perfumists would want to be cautious with the fragrance ingredients that they use to create skin care products. However, they must also be careful to remember that fragrance does still play a pivotal role in the appeal of these products.


Natural Fragrance Ingredients are one of the best options when it comes to skin care products, since they tend to be gentler on people’s skin. It also makes it easier for buyers to avoid certain products if they do have allergies or sensitivities to those products. Not only that, but Natural Aromas such as fruits and herbs make buyers feel better about the products that they are using on their skin.


Among our favorites are Chamomile, which has a naturally soothing effect on both the skin and on the senses. It can easily be recreated in a product through the use of fragrance ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Heptyl Nutyrate. Natural Gamma Undecalactone is another great option for a sweet, fruity coconut aroma – and as a bonus, it combines well with other tropical aromas such as Natural Mango Essence, which are both available from Advanced Biotech. And mint, available through products such as Natural Thiomenthone, has a great, rejuvenating type of aroma that can appeal to almost every buyer (and that is particularly beneficial when creating a unisex skin care product).


No matter what you are creating, just remember to keep the actual, physical needs of the buyer in mind, along with their psychological needs. When people feel that they are being given something natural and refreshing, it will make them that much more confident in the skin care product that they are using.