How Desserts Are Developing in the Food Industry

Today’s consumer is looking for food that offers something extra: healthier ingredients, adventurous twists, or sinful indulgence. It’s true of everything from breakfast and lunch to dinner and snacks – and desserts are no exception. Here are a few things we’re seeing in desserts this year.


Artistic desserts


Bakers are becoming crossover artists by adorning cakes with splatters, smears, drips, and oil-painting techniques. Colors are carefully curated and blended; shapes are strong. Concrete-look frosting finishes are all the rage.


Better-for-You Desserts


At their core, desserts are pure indulgence. However, consumers are learning that indulging doesn’t have to mean compromising their diets, and they’re clamoring for healthier dessert options. Bakeries and food companies are responding by experimenting with textures and flavors to create desserts with less refined sugar and fat and fewer calories that taste every bit as good as the originals. Chickpeas, fresh berries, puffed quinoa, grain-free granola, and chia seeds are just a few of the ways they’re doing it.


 Upscale Macarons


Consumers have been obsessed with macarons for a long time, but now the irresistible French cookies are reaching new heights. Last year, it became the norm to paint them intricately and pipe miniature buttercream roses for an adorable look. This year, they’re getting a flavor makeover with different, innovative fillings – ice cream macaron, anyone?


Sourdough Everything


As health-conscious consumers learn that slow-fermented bread may be easier on the digestive system, sourdough is turning up everywhere and in everything – think cookies, doughnuts, waffles, scones, and even chocolate cake.


Icy Desserts – Elevated


If frozen treats are your weakness, you’re in for a – well, you know. Ice creams, sorbets, and ice pops are getting the vegan treatment along with artisanal flavors. They are also being found with unexpected bases such as hummus, avocado, coconut water, and tahini. Don’t forget boozy popsicles – the summer treat so good that they’re being served year-round.


Craft Butter


What would baking be without butter? Both in cookies, cakes, and pastries and spread atop fresh-baked bread, butter is everything. Bakers finally realize the opportunity butter presents – a mild, creamy base just begging for an endless variety of unique flavors. Think strawberry, cinnamon-vanilla-honey, pumpkin, lemon, bacon-onion, dill, and – of course – chocolate.