How Marshmallow Flavor Is Showing Up on Menus and Shelves

When it comes to marshmallow-based treats, marshmallows have traditionally often played a supporting role. It’s common to find marshmallows folded in with rice cereal, tucked between chocolate and graham crackers, or sprinkled across the silky surface of a cup of hot cocoa. Now, however, marshmallows are stepping out of the shadows and filling new roles.


Marshmallows have some unique qualities that lend the classic treat to some pretty amazing flavor innovations. As a marshmallow is essentially a blank canvas, it’s the perfect way to showcase the flavor trends we now see across all categories of sweet treats. Think chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-flavored marshmallows. Seasonal flavors are right at home here, too – pumpkin spice or sugar cookie marshmallows, anyone? Marshmallows can also support a wide range of other flavors, from dessert-based combinations to light, fruity profiles.


One way that marshmallow manufacturers are ensuring that today’s health-conscious consumer won’t be able to resist their offerings is by cleaning up the reputation of the popular treat with organic sugar and natural flavor ingredients. Kosher gelatin eases ethical concerns while avoiding gelatin altogether allows the creation of vegan marshmallows to appeal to this growing group of the population.


While marshmallows are enjoying their newfound fame as standalone snacks, they are also being used in many other confections to add flavor and fun. Flavored marshmallows present endless options for variations on crisp rice cereal treats, with innovative flavors popping up such as strawberries and cream, cinnamon churro, and mint chocolate chip.


The flavor of marshmallow itself is a fantastic one for combining with other ingredients. Their unique flavor is smooth and sweet and blends well with a wide variety of other tastes. These combinations are seen, especially in the alcoholic beverage sector. Marshmallow fluff can stand in for ice cream in an alcoholic blackberry cream soda; bourbon-brûléed marshmallows can garnish a ginger peaches and cream cocktail; toasted marshmallow flavor adds depth to a toasted marshmallow campfire cocktail, complete with marshmallow crème, vanilla, espresso, and vodka. Marshmallow flavor is also making its way into smoothies alongside flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, banana, peanut butter, and more.


Marshmallow flavor is the perfect addition to drinks, baked goods, and candies, as well as cosmetic products such as flavored lip balms. Let us help you create the ideal marshmallow-flavored products for your lineup this year.