Increasing Condiment Flavor Options

What do you want on your burger? Your fries? Your sandwich? That used to be a pretty simple question to answer – in times past, your options were pretty much limited to ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. Of course, there might have been a few alternatives available, like spicy mustard, but for the most part choosing a condiment for your food was a simple affair.


That is not the case any longer. In fact, there has been quite a lot of attention on the condiments section of the flavor industry as of late, as an increasing number of companies are releasing new, improved, and incredibly delicious versions of their traditional condiments into grocery stores nationwide.


One such example of a condiment flavor option that has seen an incredible amount of buzz is the spicy ketchup option. Enhanced with the natural flavor of hot peppers, spicy ketchup – a long-time staple in the Southwest – has gained a lot of traction throughout the United States. That’s just one delicious example of a great condiment. Other options include the many varieties of mayonnaise hitting grocery store shelves, which may make use of everything from specialty types of vinegar and balsamic flavors, offered by flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Benzyl Benzoate, for a twist on a classic flavor treat.


As for mustard, there have always been an incredibly broad number of variations available, but that doesn’t mean there is no longer room for creating new mustard options. In fact, flavorists are becoming more experimental than ever when it comes to mustard. Options such as wasabi mustard are flavorful and great tasting options that you are likely to see more of in coming months.