Innovating Flavors in Nutrition Bars

Does the sound of a “nutrition” bar make your mouth just a little bit dry? If you haven’t had one of the most recent nutrition bars on the market in recent years, you’re missing out – while they may have been a little on the dry side once upon a time, these products are quickly proving to be one of the tastiest ways for individuals to get the nutrition that they need, whether they are trying to lose weight or they have other special dietary needs that must be taken care of.


While the nutrition bar industry started out as a way to provide whole grains at a low calorie and fat count, the reach of this type of product has extended far beyond that. Various types of nutrition bars can be found that suit various lifestyle needs, whether an individual is an office worker or a marathon runner. Not only that, but nutrition bars may be created to help with certain disorders, such as Celiac disease.


This is important to point out because the purpose of the nutrition bar may drastically change the composition of the bar, the type of grains it contains, and the types of ingredients that must be used in that particular type of nutrition bar to give it the best possible flavor. Also important to note is that many modern day nutrition bars are fortified with additional vitamins and nutrients, and these can have an effect on flavor as well.


Products such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Honey Reaction can be used in order to add a slight honey flavor to a product, as well as to provide the product with a natural form of sweetness. Natural is, of course, the operative word – a large portion of those purchasing nutrition bars are looking out for their health in numerous other ways as well. Fruity notes, brown notes for a rich and baked flavor, and even flavor ingredients such as Natural Choclatone and Natural Fermentone may all be used to enhance these products and to make them not just healthy, but delicious as well.