Innovation in Ice Cream

No two words conjure up memories of summer more than that creamy, cold treat adored by people around the world. Whether they are six months old or 106 years old, consumers rate ice cream as their favorite dessert, and, lucky for them, new trends are developing that provide more taste and texture for this lovable treat.


Focus on Health


Consumers who are focused on a healthy lifestyle feel less guilty about indulging in ice cream when it is lower in calories, as long as they don’t have to give up on taste. Brands that advertise the low-calorie count in large font are seeing enormous increases in sales. Other brands that tip the hat to vegan, dairy-free, and other dietary trends are winning over consumers who may not typically purchase ice cream. Coconut milk, almond milk, and oat milk have become staples in ditch-the-dairy campaigns. Advertising probiotics, fiber, or protein with each container promotes healthier lifestyle that consumers enjoy.


The Sophisticated Palette


The sophisticated is enjoying an uptick in flavor as new tastes enter the ice cream market. As more people accept ethnic seasoning, spices such as cardamom and turmeric are turning up in traditional flavors like chocolate and vanilla. For those who don’t want to miss out on exclusive products, limited-edition ice cream in craft and small-batches are a hit.


Surprising Ingredients


Most consumers assume ice cream is a sweet treat, but salty and savory flavors are gaining a following. Pretzels, potato chips, and french fries are adding a crunch to ice cream. For a creamier surprise, blue cheese and foie gras swirl into the mix. Depending on what part of the country you live, you may arrive at restaurants serving ice cream dotted with burnt ends of brisket or caramel made from bar-b-que sauce.


Interesting Mash-ups


The 19th century introduced Neapolitan ice cream, which was three favors arranged side-by-side in one container. Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry were the most loved choices in America. Today, consumers enjoy wildly different combinations. Companies scoop gingerbread ice cream next to honey-milk cream. Oreo ice cream shares the container with chocolate chip ice cream. Consumers love innovations to the tried and true treats like their favored cookies.




What would ice cream be if not a real indulgence? Consumers throw caution to the wind when they are ready to celebrate. Milkshake bars offer over-the-top concoctions that include chocolate dipped marshmallows on top of a bevy of whipped cream or sprinkled frosted graham crackers shaped like stars.


No matter the consumer’s age, tastes, or proclivity towards extravagance, ice cream brings joy to all who partake.