Home Fragrance Trends – Innovations in the Home Fragrance Industry

Summer is the season many people look forward to all year long, with its sunny days, sultry nights, and lighter colors and textures. The heavier, warmer fragrances of winter are also packed away and replaced with light, refreshing scents in homes and offices. Here are a few of the fragrance trends to look forward to this season.


Aromatic blends


Aromatic scents call to mind fistfuls of fragrant herbs such as lavender, rosemary, and sage, possibly with a dash of spice or an element of citrus. Such a combination will culminate in a scent that’s incredibly uplifting and refreshing, perfect for a hot summer day. Another benefit of this approach is that aromatic scents tend to have a unisex appeal, making them ideal for offices and other places with mixed company. At home, aromatics have a familiar feel because the elements of these scents originate in herb gardens.




When it comes to a bright, zesty scent, there’s nothing quite like citrus. Instantly refreshing, even on the muggiest day, citrus is a longtime summer favorite. This year, scent manufacturers are pairing citrus with earthy notes such as moss and cedar. These aromas complement and contrast one another delightfully for a heady fragrance with more depth than simple orange or lemon. A home fragrance with an earthy base and citrusy top notes is sure to be at once uplifting and grounding.




A floral blend of magnolia, jasmine, gardenia, and other white blooms are made even more tempting when paired with a sunny, warm base. The addition of yellow flowers such as sandalwood, cashmere, and vanilla helps create depth, warmth, and comfort to the traditional summery fragrance blend. This “white meets warm” combination is suggestive of a walk through a lush garden on a warm summer day.




We can’t forget that not everyone is welcoming warm weather. For those enjoying snow instead of sand, a scent journey into the forest is the perfect way to greet the cold. Maple, spruce, balsam, and fir are evocative of a walk through the woods on a brisk day. Their woodsy but fresh notes have an air of festivity that’s irresistible. This year focus on these green coniferous notes with a mossy, warm base.




As hemp earns an increasingly positive image, its uses continue to multiply. The bright, green notes of cannabis can enhance mood and promote a sense of well-being. This scent delivers a therapeutic, balanced aroma for those who enjoy the fragrance of hemp without the psychoactive effects.


Anyone looking to create new scents for summer would do well to experiment in these categories, but don’t be afraid to branch out and be a trendsetter – the market is wide open, and summer scents are a great place to get creative.