Innovation in the Snack Category

Today’s consumer is demanding more from snacks than ever before. As healthy lifestyles increase, snacks provide performance and endurance enhancements for active people. Today’s energy bars have tremendous nutritional benefits, unlike the potato chips and creamy dips of yesterday.


Looking for Long-Lasting Energy


Sugar is no longer the go-to answer for quick energy, as people want more long-lasting results. Whether racing to the next meeting or climbing another mountain peak, energy-boosting foods provide an instant pick-me-up. The Sherpas of Himalayan fame used tsampa, a type of barley, for centuries to provide long-lasting energy. Products that include this ingredient fortify today’s quintessential mountaineer. As interest in natural, organic, and non-processed foods continue to rise, formulas based on clean energy will be appealing. Coffee is a natural energy source that is increasingly popular. Since protein digests more slowly and slows the absorption of carbohydrates eaten at the same time, it prevents blood sugar from spiking or crashing.


Sharp Mental Focus


Athletes and people in stressful jobs need strong a mental focus to cope. Snacks that include ‘brain nutrients’ will appeal to the highly driven consumer. Omega-3 oil promotes brain cell development, and MCT oil is said to boost mental focus. Lion’s mane extract and healthy fats deliver cognitive health benefits that will increase mental alertness and concentration. A protein bar that includes these ingredients combined with blueberries, lemons, or chocolate, will leave the consumer smart and satiated.


High Fiber Bars


Gut health is on the rise, and consumers are learning the importance of fiber in their diets. Mental and emotional wellbeing improves when people consume more roughage. Snacks that go beyond the traditional fiber elements of cereals, nuts, and grains will gain favor with people who want to increase their fiber intake with new tastes. Raspberries are one of the highest fruit sources of fiber, with mango and guava close behind.


Today’s innovative snacks provide complete nutrition. Calling it a snack may be counterintuitive since it is as healthy as a balanced meal, and can often replace a meal when time demands. A bar rich in antioxidants, fiber, protein, folic acid, and minerals helps a person maintain a stable blood sugar level and supports all of the body’s systems. When sweetened with natural agave, consumers have something that tastes delicious and provides excellent nutrition.