International Christmas Cookie Flavors

Heaping plates of cookies are practically synonymous with the holiday season, and it seems that nearly every country around the globe has their own version of this holiday classic. Consumers looking for exotic and unexpected flavors outside of the traditional sugar cookie or gingerbread man may tap into international flavors for their next cookie exchange. Advanced Biotech explores the exciting world of global cookie flavors and which we believe will be hits this holiday season.



            Guava is a tropical fruit that is native to Central America. Oval in shape with a light green or yellow skin and vibrant pink flesh, many say that guava has a natural and subtle sweetness that taste like a cross between a strawberry and pear. Guava is a universally pleasing flavor and is, perhaps, most loved in a Puerto Rican holiday cookie called mantecaditos con guayaba. The name “mantecadito” comes from the ingredient “manteca,” which translates to shortening or lard, as this cookie is typically made of unleavened shortbread flavored and filled with sweet guava filling. Simple, flavorful, and unique, mantecaditos con guayaba are a festive addition to any cookie swap.



Naturally sweet, rich, and fragrant, almonds are a staple in desserts across the board. Giving smooth chocolate a delightful crunchy texture and adding protein to and fiber to nut mixes, almonds are also a featured flavor in many holiday cookies. Pignoli cookies are a traditional Christmas cookie that are perfect for almond lovers. Chewy, buttery cookies are flavored with almond extract and studded with toasted pine nuts and are a simple yet decadent holiday treat that Italians have been enjoying for hundreds of years.



            Few can resist the tangy, vibrant flavor of raspberries. Raspberries have a fresh sweetness with a slightly tart undertone that cuts through the richness of decadent desserts like dark chocolate cake and pairs well with delicate desserts like white chocolate cheesecake. Linzer cookies are a type of sandwich cookies that originated in Linz, Austria. Named after the city’s famous Linzertorte, these cookies have been enjoyed during the holidays throughout Europe for centuries. Buttery cookies are cut into pleasing shapes like hearts and stars, filled with raspberry jam, and topped with powdered sugar. Although time-consuming to make at home, these festive cookies are worth the effort and are sure to delight.