Internationally-Inspired Cocktail Flavors

There are few activities more transporting than sipping on a locally flavored cocktail from another country. And with lockdown restrictions preventing many from traveling this season, consumers are looking to recreate this feeling at home. Join us at Advanced Biotech as we take a look at some of the ingredients and flavors helping consumers to replicate the feeling of sitting on a tropical beach in Hawaii or at a café in Spain right in their own backyards.



                Few drinks pair better with a hot summer day than sangria. This Spanish wine punch is ubiquitous across the country, and there are many local variations with most restaurants having their own special blend.  The flavor combinations are endless as red and white wines, and even rose can be used as the base of sangria and can be complimented by a variety of different fruits to create fresh and vibrant flavor profiles to suit any occasion. Exotic pomegranate adds visual interest as well as a tart flavor, while peaches paired with white wine create a subtly sweet drink that embodies the summer season. Classic choices are citrus such as orange and lemon, as well as apples and pears.


Mai Tai

                Although this cocktail isn’t technically international, as it was invented in California, the tropical state of Hawaii has put their own spin on this drink that has truly made it their own. Typically made with white and dark rum, lime juice, and Curaçao liqueur, the Hawaiian version often includes an extra splash of pineapple juice and even coconut to give it an extra layer of tropical flavor. Other twists on this summertime favorite include blood orange, passion fruit, grenadine, and watermelon. There are endless ways to enjoy this sunny favorite.



                This elegant cocktail hails from Italy and features the bitter aperitif Campari, as well as sweet vermouth and gin. This drink has a mature flavor profile with herbaceous, woody notes as well as some notes of licorice and juniper. It is customary to run an orange peel around the rim of this sophisticated drink, its essential oils adding another layer of natural flavor in every sip. Popular twists include the addition of grapefruit, tequila, and lemon.


Whether cleared for travel or relaxing on their own private backyard beach, these classic, international cocktails featuring natural flavors that pack a punch. Ready to drink cocktails are also a popular trend this season as many are looking to enjoy their favorite mixed drinks on the go without sacrificing flavor or international flair.