Is Hard Seltzer the New Summer Spirit?

Hard seltzer’s time has come. Each year, more and more consumers are turning to hard seltzers instead of wine, beer, and spirits. Like so much of the food industry, the trends toward more health-conscious habits are increasing each year. Millennials, especially, are choosing low-alcohol beverages as a health benefit.


The Convenient Drink


Hard Seltzer’s appeal begins with its ready-to-drink packaging, which means no mixers and no extra glasses to tow. The active crowd can purchase a 12-pack, and throw it into the cooler. They are as convenient as your six-pack of beer, and just like beer, they are easily transportable and are ready to drink at a moment’s notice.


The Hard Seltzer Trend


As the liquor stores stock more hard seltzer, consumers are enjoying the low-calorie count and low alcohol content. It is a win-win for the health-conscious crowd. It is low sugar and carbohydrates, meaning the consumer will enjoy a light and refreshing beverage.


The Sophisticated Consumer


As people prioritize flavor over sweetness, the emphasis will be on bright and refreshing flavors. Gone are the days of a desire for sugary drinks, and now delicate flavors abound.


  • Botanicals – Floral and herbal profiles of botanicals, including basil, cilantro, and lavender will add a subtle sweetness to seltzers. In contrast, sour flavors of sorrel and orange peel will add a splash of tartness. Fir needle and cedar highlight wood and pine flavors. The summer will be full of flavor.
  • Citrus – Lemon and lime will continue to be popular, but new exotic flavors that add sweetness without the sugar like dragon fruit and coconut will be more prevalent. Citrus and exotics complement a refreshing sip of seltzer and entice the adventurous consumer to try exciting new tastes.
  • Ginger – With ginger’s claims from reducing the risk of diabetes to preventing heart disease, it is no wonder that it is at the top of the flavor trends whether the consumer chooses a hot and spicy taste or a sweet and warm flavor.


Hard Seltzer is Here to Stay


Sales are booming, and beer, wine, and vodka drinkers are converting to the new kid on the block and enjoying it more each year. As more companies join those currently offering new brands, the creative flavors will continue to expand. While initially believed to be a summer hit only, consumers are enjoying it in other seasons. A hard seltzer Advent calendar speaks volumes to the trend. Enjoy!