Jellied Fillings for Pastries, Donuts and More

While jellied donuts and other jellied pastries aren’t an everyday breakfast treat for most buyers, they certainly have a strong place in the hearts (and stomachs) of a lot of buyers. Any company that works with baked goods like jellied donuts and pastries should keep in mind how important it is to create delicious fillings for these great breakfast and snack time items.


Creating a delicious flavor for a jellied donut or pastry can be a lot more difficult than it might seem. Even the creation of simple flavors such as strawberry, cherry, blueberry or lemon can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking to do a little something different with your filling. One thing to keep in mind is the growing importance of flavors that are much more natural. The jellied fillings of the past had a tendency to be much more artificial in their flavors. However, through the use of great, all-natural flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Strawberry Furanone or Natural Citronellal, flavorists can create something that is much more appealing to today’s consumer.


Another thing to keep in mind when creating these types of products is the importance of meeting the consumer’s dietary demands. Not all individuals can eat a sugary sweet jellied donut or pastry, but that doesn’t mean they want to give up these products. Low-sugar options must be formulated with special care (and with great flavor ingredients) to ensure they don’t end up with a dull flavor. It’s also important to ensure that a flavor ingredient is capable of working well with the artificial sweeteners used in the jellied filling of a particular product.


Other factors to pay attention to include the creation of seasonal fillings, such as apple cinnamon or pumpkin for fall, as well as brighter and more vibrant flavors for spring and summer. As you can see, there are many ways to do something special with a jellied donut or a pastry!