Kombucha – Your Daily Cuppa Immortality

Ancient documents indicate that kombucha goes back as far as 221 BC. It was already known in Manchuria during the Qin Dynasty. The use of fermenting tea and sugar spread to nearby Japan and via the Silk Road to the rest of the world. In Western Europe, the application didn’t last, however. Only after World War II, people started rediscovering this unusual drink which is full of B and C vitamins, beneficial acids, and organic enzymes.



Kombucha tea is claimed to help with a plethora of ailments of which asthma, diabetes, gout, insomnia, and rheumatism are only a few. The benefits are downright uncountable, ranging from stabilizing blood pressure, improving the libido, reversing grey hair to even preventing cancer and AIDS. Considering that little to no scientific research exists, these claims are neither proved nor refuted. So, the story about the probiotic drink granting longevity and immortality is probably somewhat exaggerated. This leaves us with only one reason to drink kombucha, but it’s an important one nonetheless: because it tastes good.


Opinions differ on the taste of kombucha. Some people adore it after the very first sip, but for most of us, it’s an acquired taste. The best way to find out whether you can become a kombucha fan is by trying some of the popular and innovative flavor combinations.


Be daring with your brew

How to turn your kombucha into something truly special doesn’t require much skill; just some imagination.


Extra ginger or raspberry will add some zing to your brew. Mint, limejuice and a whiff of vanilla will make you a mojito kombucha. Or base your kombucha on ginseng tea and add chocolate for a touch of decadence.


You can even combine it with vegetables. Try carrot juice or pureed pumpkin for an earthy taste and a splendid color. Honey, mango or cayenne may make a remarkable difference too, as may spirits such as Campari, Bourbon, Kirsch, Cointreau and many more.


Consider adding yogurt or cream to your kombucha; the mouthfeel is astonishing. Or crumble in some Oreo, cookies or cake.


Health conscious consumers are looking to replace their coffee with tea. Imagine waking up in the morning to kombucha coffee. It is bound to keep you energized throughout the day.


Enjoy your drink

If you’ve taken a sip and grimaced, don’t worry. As we said, it’s an acquired taste. The longer kombucha ferments, the less sweet it will taste, and the more vinegary. Give your kombucha a few tries by playing with the fermentation time and the flavors you can add.