Korean Flavors Trending in Sauces

Sauces and marinades have always offered an opportunity for creativity in flavor creation, and make it easy for buyers to quickly and easily create gourmet dishes right in their very own homes. With sauces and marinades, a buyer can simply prepare a meat or vegetable of their choosing – anything from beef to shrimp to tofu – and create a delicious dish that seems more likely to have come from a restaurant rather than a jar.


In the world of sauces, Korean flavors remain on trend for the upcoming year. As consumers continue to explore global cuisines, the well-balanced spicy, sweet and salty flavors Korean cuisine captivates U.S. diners. As buyers become more increasingly aware of the processing their foods undergo to make it to the table, natural techniques such as fermentation become more appealing. Flavorists do well to pay more attention to the autheticity of the smoky and pungent flavor in gochujang.


There are many different options for creating flavors in these products, but because of their strong ethnic background, most derive their strongest flavor components from the culinary tradition they hail from. Fishy flavors such as that provided by natural Tropescado #2 or Bis (Mehtylthio)Methane can easily be used to provide slightly sweet and full of umami soups and banchan.


The options really are endless, and as new types of ethnic cuisine become more popular, it’s certain that even more types of simmer sauces will be found on store shelves. As one of the more interesting flavor innovations of recent years, there is a lot of room to try something new when creating flavors for one of these types of products.