Latin American Marinades Offer Zesty New Marinade Options

Flavorists are exploring all the world’s cultures in order to derive delicious new flavors for many different kinds of products, ranging from ready-made dishes to desserts, spices, and much more. Some of the flavors driving a lot of inspiration in the flavor market are those of Latin America, from Mexico to various other regions, including South America.


These delicious, zesty flavors are seeing a lot of widespread use in various types of products, including marinades used to flavor meat dishes including pork, beef, fish, and virtually anything else that you could think of.


Those who think they know Latin American flavors haven’t seen anything yet. There is more inspiration to be drawn from these various countries than many might have ever imagined possible. From traditional flavor combinations to some of the hottest new flavors being created by Latin American chefs today, there are a lot of options to explore.


Adobo sauce is a particular favorite. Hailing from Spain, it’s been a staple of Latin American cooking for a while, and utilizes strong acidic and spicy flavors derived from ingredients such as paprika and vinegar, which can be added to a dish with Advanced Biotech’s Natural Acetic Acid, for its particular profile.


There are also a number of chili-based sauces to explore, from the more popular red chilies to green chilies and more. However, don’t expect the salsas you know and love to be anything like these exotic marinades, which can feature delicious, fresh flavor such as cucumber (provided by Advanced Biotech’s Natural Green Complex) for a unique twist on Latin American cuisine.


With so many incredible options to explore, flavorists would do well to dive into this style of cuisine and create something new out of these classic sauces. Latin American inspired marinades are sure to inspire a lot of chefs to do more in their very own kitchens.