The Many Variations of Flavored Water Beverages

Water used to be the simplest beverage out there. However, water is much more than a functional beverage these days. People have the same expectations out of their water beverages that they do when it comes to juice, soda, and other beverage products. They want it to be delicious and enjoyable to drink, which is why the number of flavored water products has been increasing.


Of course, flavored water beverages are still very different than other types of flavored drink products. The flavor in a flavored water drink is not overpowering, and in many cases may barely be noticeable. That’s because the flavor in these types of products is more about enhancing the refreshing feeling of drinking water.


Bear in mind that those who choose to drink water often do it for health and nutrition reasons. It’s important to keep in mind the mentality of the standard water drinker. These are folks who want to make positive choices when it comes to their bodies – as such relying primarily on all-natural ingredients. For example, Advanced Biotech’s Natural Furanone for strawberry flavor, or Natural Citrus Enhancer for orange flavor, are both good choices when it comes to creating flavored water products.


Remember too the prevalence of superfoods when it comes to healthy and delicious food and beverage options. From Acai Berry to Pomegranate, these types of flavors are becoming increasingly common, and it’s to any flavorist’s advantage to find new and unique ways to use them in their products – even in relatively simple products such as flavored water.