Most Popular Chargrilled Applications

Grilling isn’t saved for the main course anymore. As consumers spend more time cooking outdoors, their interest in grilling is expanding at a fast rate. They have also noticed that grilling brings out a vibrant flavor that is difficult to match in any other way.




The grilled vegetable trend remains so popular with consumers that it is a wonder when people cook their vegetables any other way. The color combination of cherry tomatoes, red peppers, yellow corn, and green asparagus make the platter of vegetables look like a piece of art. Consumers are marinating the legumes before grilling or adding a marinade after grilling. Popular ingredients for dressings include lemon, herb, and garlic with chili flakes and sugar.




Fungi are taking center stage as chargrilled sides because they are no longer hard to find in local supermarkets. The wide range of available mushrooms includes Black Trumpets, Shiitakes, Lion’s Mane, and Blue Foot. Their rich flavors and creamy texture enhance any dish whether people roast them on skewers, serve them as side dishes, or add garlic and lemon flavors to the mix.


Sauces for Chargrilled Foods


Barbeque flavors are ubiquitous throughout the year. Chefs and home cooks still smother their meats and plant-based alternatives in barbeque sauce, but the sauces are becoming regionally based. Kansas-style sauce contains molasses to sweeten it, and a Memphis sauce has a tomato and vinegar base. There will always be the extra spicy Texas sauce. The flavors bring pride to the area of the country from which they come.




Plant-based cheeses are trending with consumers who follow diets void of animal products. There is a popular cashew cheese that ripens in coconut charcoal ash. The woody, hickory flavors offer body to its natural creaminess. Consumers who want their barbeque snacks in a bag will not be disappointed with the plethora of chips provided in different flavors. Steak flavored chips or buffalo chicken chips appease the hungry consumer.


Restaurants and home cooks alike are chargrilling twelve months a year, and the flavors keep mouths watering non-stop.