Muddy Buns: A Fast Growing Flavor Hit

Muddy buns are the new craze, and it’s not hard to see why. With the popularity of Asian foods in the flavor industry combined with consumers’ desire for fun and delicious products, muddy buns also knows as “dirty bread” has a lot to offer. First popularized in early 2017 by Beijing’s Bad Farmers & Our Bakery, muddy buns is a croissant covered in cocoa powder and filled with layers of rich chocolate sauce, that has become a big hit in Asia – and now, throughout the world. It’s popularity abroad reflects the growing trend worldwide of younger generations seeking new experiences with their food.


The demand for this creation of sweet flavors is driving up global demand for dairy – especially butter, a product that can be enhanced with Advanced Biotech’s natural Butter Booster OS. Of course, all the standard flavors that one might expect in this messy creation are available through Advanced Biotech’s various natural flavor product lines. Chocolate flavor ingredients such as natural Choclatone or Cocoa Essence Dark KCRT combined with Delta Undecalactone and our Sweetness Enhancer Flavor Type (to name a few) are a great way of creating the sweet elements in this creative creation. Flavorists can also utilize Asian-derived flavors such as matcha to put a twist on this budding confectionery trend.


According to Mintel, confectionery creations such as muddy buns, “represents a more experimental and interactive approach to bakery and highlights scope for bakery manufacturers to innovate with novel product formats to engage with younger consumer generations.”