Natural Flavor Trends in Low Alcohol Cocktails

Against all odds, consumers have actually been cutting down on their alcohol intake in 2020. In fact, The 2020 Cocktail Trends Report conducted by Bacardi found that lower alcohol content in cocktails was the No. 1 trend and Google searches for the term “mocktail” increased by 42% last year. Infused with fresh fruit flavors and natural botanics, the low alcohol trend shows no sign of slowing down as consumers become increasingly concerned with wellness and social responsibility. Advanced Biotech takes a look at the flavors that help to make these low-ABV drinks so alluring.



            Floral and fruity without tasting like perfume, elder flowers are small white flowers that grow on elderberry bushes throughout the UK, Europe, and parts of North America. Most recipes, including cocktails, call for a cordial or syrup, which is generally made by steeping elder flowers in simple syrup. Most popularly used in gin and tonics, elderflower is an additive that also pairs well with ginger beers, mint, and citrus, opening the door for countless low and no alcohol flavor combinations.




            Found in white, yellow, and ruby red varieties, grapefruits are vibrant in both color and flavor. Grapefruits are packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C, making them a popular ingredient for cocktails in the colder months when the immunity boost is much appreciated. Once relegated to breakfast, grapefruit is making its way into mocktails on many menus where consumers enjoy its health benefits and tangy contrast to sweet syrups and liquors.




            Mint is a cocktail classic but is often overlooked as a simple garnish. Muddled with sugar and lime, mint pairs well with tonic water to create a refreshing virgin mojito, and adds an herbaceous and cooling burst to fruit-based drinks. Mint is also rich in nutrients and is known to cure everything from an upset stomach to the common cold, and is also said to be a natural stress and anxiety reliever. Consumers appreciate its concentrated flavor, distinct scent, and many health benefits making it the perfect choice cocktail parties.