Natural Flavors That Spice up Gingerbread

While pre-made gingerbread spice is a holiday baking staple that is easy to find in stores, a homemade mix is just as easy and has the added bonus of being completely customizable. Consumers looking to elevate their gingerbread beyond the eponymous ginger, or other familiar spices like cinnamon, clove, and allspice will appreciate natural flavors that bring a unique layer of flavor to their favorite Christmas confection. Advanced Biotech takes a look at unconventional spices that will tantalize taste buds and add a pep into the step of any gingerbread man or woman.



Despite its name, nutmeg isn’t actually a nut – it’s a seed. Found growing on evergreen trees across the tropical East Indies, nutmeg is made by leaving the entire seed to dry in the sun until it separates from the shell. The kernels are then ground up, or sold whole to be freshly ground by consumers in their homes. Nutmeg has a strong, woody aroma, and for those more accustomed to the natural sweetness of cinnamon, will seem almost spicy in comparison. This warming spice also has many perceived health benefits such as being rich in anti-oxidants and may boost moods and control blood sugar. A zesty alternative to cinnamon, nutmeg is the perfect way to introduce more unconventional flavors into your holiday baking.



            Coriander is the dried and ground seeds of cilantro. While the green, leafy version of this spice is known to be a popular addition to Mexican cuisine, dried coriander is actually a popular ingredient in traditional German “lebkuchen”. Gingerbread enthusiasts looking for a more historically authentic experience will delight in the earthy, floral, and slightly citrusy flavor the addition of coriander will bring to their cookies. Dried coriander is also said to have a variety of health benefits such as the promotion of heart and gut health, as well as components that boost immunity and improve the appearance of skin.


Black Pepper

            Not for the faint of heart, ground black pepper is the ultimate addition for foodies looking to create a memorable gingerbread experience. Spicy, zesty, and earthy, black pepper adds an unexpectedly savory touch to gingerbread. When paired with the traditional warmth of cinnamon and sugar, black pepper creates a sweet and spicy baked good that is on par with recent trends in unconventional flavor combinations. Consumers looking for a way to truly spice up their gingerbread or manufacturers looking to appeal to younger market segments will want to add black pepper to their list of potential gingerbread spices.