Natural Strawberry Flavor: A Key Ingredient in a Range of Applications

Strawberry has always been one of the most sought-after flavor in foods and beverages, and it is no surprise that almost every company that produces snack foods, soft drinks, and even cosmetics has attempted to put their own spin on strawberry flavored products.


However, there has always been one universal flaw when it comes to strawberry flavoring—the taste that most people associate with strawberry does not actually taste like the berry at all. Rather, it is something that has been laboratory produced and generally accepted as “strawberry”, despite bearing little resemblance to the fruit.


This is because the natural strawberry flavor is incredibly difficult to replicate when compared to other flavors such as orange or mint. The compounds that make up the flavor of a strawberry break down quickly, and are difficult to preserve in a form that can be used in other applications.


New advances in technology have made it possible to harness the compound that makes up the natural strawberry flavor and to extract it, all without changing the flavor’s chemical structure. This process has now enabled companies such as Advanced Biotech to offer the natural flavor of strawberry to manufacturers looking for the raw materials needed to produce a wide range of products.


This is great news, especially as an increasing number of manufacturers in a wide range of industries look to produce natural and organic products for their customers. For the first time, a company can offer a strawberry-flavored lip balm that contains absolutely no artificial ingredients, a soft drink company can offer a beverage that is actually organic, and a snack company can offer strawberry flavored products that have the taste of the real thing but will not quickly spoil or lose its flavor.


This natural strawberry flavor is just one of the many raw materials that are available through Advanced Biotech’s Natural Aromatics product line. Strawberry flavor has never existed in a more pure or easy to use form. Every batch of the natural strawberry flavor offered by Advanced Biotech is as flavorful as the next, as well, due to rigorous product testing standards that ensure every batch is of the same high quality as every other that makes its way out of Advanced Biotech’s highly advanced factory.


The use of strawberry flavoring in a wide range of products is nothing extraordinary, but this all-natural approach certainly is. Many different companies can now see the benefits of this ingredient in their own product line.