New and Improved Baby Food

In increase in health-conscious consumers have also led to innovations in unexpected industries, such as baby food. New parents looking to give their baby the best are learning towards products with claims like organic, sustainable, and non-GMO, and prefer fresh, functional, and even unconventional flavor profiles for the little ones. Join us as we at Advanced Biotech explore the trends that are shaping baby food this year.



                The rise in health and wellness has also extended to parenting and baby food as new parents are moving away from foods that contain synthetic ingredients or genetically engineered components. Whole, natural foods with nutritional value continue to rank high on the list for parents. Clean label foods with organic ingredients that parents can actually pronounce are popular choices, as these consumers will often forego staple brands, convenience, or low price points in order to feed their babies foods that will foster their development and long-term health. Functional ingredients like turmeric and honey are making their way into prepared baby foods, and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables like avocados, beets, kale, and chickpeas are being combined with more traditional flavors like banana and pear to create superfood blends babies will love. Chia seeds, coconut oil, flaxseeds, and wheat germ are also popular healthy ingredients being added to better support the health of little ones.



            There’s not been a single segment of the food industry that hasn’t been impacted by the organic trend, and baby food is no exception. More than ever, parents find value in feeding their children food grown naturally, without pesticides or other harmful chemicals or hormones. Organic, farm-to-table, and sustainable narratives create interest and trust for young parents who are constantly looking to align themselves with brands that are transparent, socially responsible, and environmentally-friendly. Those brands looking to successfully market to parents of younger generations will want to be sure to responsibly source their ingredients, cut down on chemicals and preservatives, and focus on organic, sustainable farming and packaging.



                Now more than ever consumers are searching for natural solutions to support gut health as well as immunity. Baby foods fortified with probiotics and other helpful micro-bacteria are becoming popular choices for parents are looking for products like yogurt with live cultures, foods infused with apple cider vinegar, or papaya rich in enzymes to soothe sore stomachs and support overall gut health and immunity. Ginger, turmeric, and citrus are also increasingly popular choices to boost baby’s immune health and support their wellness well into adulthood.



Baby foods that appeal to popular health and wellness trends and contain key buzzwords are sure to catch the attention of new parents. Wholesome, fresh ingredients, wellness claims, functionality, and transparency are trends we will continue to see on retail shelves.