New and Spicy Flavor Innovations

Spicy foods have been on trend for years as many consumers enjoy the flavor and adrenaline rush associated with testing the limits of their taste buds. As this fiery trend continues, consumers are looking for new and exciting flavor sensations to ignite their senses. Today, we’re taking a look at new types of chilies and different spicy flavor mashups that will keep consumers coming back for more.



            With hundreds of varieties, each chili brings a unique level of heat, distinctive flavor and usage to the table. While consumers are familiar with chili flavors like poblano, ancho, and jalapeno, new chilies with unique flavor profiles are making their way to the forefront of the spicy food trend. Aji Amarillo is a bright orange pepper with thick flesh and is highly regarded in Peruvian cuisine. The aji is comparable in spice level to that of a scotch bonnet and also has the subtle fruitiness found in jalapenos. Fans of chipotle may enjoy guajillo pepper, a mild Mexican dried chili with a sweet and smoky flavor. Tien Tsin is a type of pepper frequently used in Chinese Sichuan cuisine. They are often used in their dried form, where the spice level is highly concentrated and considered to be very strong. These new chilies are suitable for use in salsas, marinades, sauces, and even beverages depending on flavor profiles and spice tolerance.



            The sour and spicy flavor combination is a popular profile in many international sauces. From Mexico’s chamoy to Malaysian sambal, the use of chilies paired with sour components like lime and vinegar are a staple in many global cuisines. Chamoy is uniquely made with dried fruits and often used to top fresh fruits and even gummy candies, while sambal popularly tops eggs, noodles, meat, and seafood. Adventurous consumers looking for globally-inspired sauces to enhance every day dishes will want to check out these deliciously spicy and tangy condiments.



            Sweet and spicy is a mashup that isn’t for the faint of heart. These polar opposites create a unique and unconventional flavor combination that challenges taste buds and senses alike. Sweet and spicy trail mixes and popcorns flavored with fiery sriracha sauce, artisanal cocktails featuring sweetly-tinged pepper bitters, and sweet and spicy Korean friend chicken are becoming popular among consumers looking for unique ways to stimulate their palates.


Although spicy foods have been on trend for many years, there is still more to discover. Consumers looking for unique flavor sensations will delight in new innovations in this category as manufacturers continue to think outside the box and the country!