New Chip Bases Inspire New Flavor Combinations

Potato chips, Tortilla chips, and the like have been a snacking mainstay for many years, largely due to their flavor being so mild, which makes it easy to toss on other flavors in order to create something truly delicious. However, things have changed, and many of today’s buyers are looking for as much flavor out of the chip itself as from the ingredients that are being added to flavor the chip. In addition to regular (bland) potato chips, Sweet Potato chips are now available as well. Instead of plain Tortilla chips, you can now find Black Bean chips – and that’s just a few examples.


Because these “new” types of chips have a flavor all their own, one of the biggest new develops in the flavor industry is developing and making use of ingredients that complement these flavors to create something truly unique.


The natural sweetness of Sweet Potato chips means that they blend incredibly well with other sweet flavors. That doesn’t mean that flavorists have to create sweet flavors with these chips (although they’re certainly a good choice for that). Taking inspiration from the many varieties of barbecue flavor available, flavorists can choose to make use of the natural sweetness of the Sweet Potato in order to create a barbecue flavored chip with ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Acetic Acid (for the vinegar flavor) and Natural Onion Oil to create a delicious BBQ chip.


As for the aforementioned Black Bean chip, it was easy to decide to go with a Latin American flavor inspiration to create a slightly spicy, slightly zesty chip with flavor ingredients including Advanced Biotech’s Natural Garlic Oil and Natural Citrus Enhancer. That’s only scratching the surface of the possibilities available. A host of options are available, and it’s only natural to make use of the flavor of the chip itself when creating delicious new chip products.