New and Improved Chocolate Flavors

For many, chocolate is already perfection, and there’s no need to tamper with something that’s already pretty incredible. However, others believe that when you’re starting with something that great, there’s nowhere to go but up. It makes sense, then, to experiment with various flavors and flavor ingredients in the creation of chocolate confectionary products.


For those who buy into the “new and improved is always better” philosophy, it’s a good time to be experimenting with chocolate. A number of new flavor options and trends have sprung up in recent years, giving both buyers and those who create chocolate products more room to explore these flavors than ever before.


One great example of a new and improved way of enjoying chocolate is the use of caramel in these confectionary products. It goes without saying that caramel has been popular for as long as chocolate has, and that the two have gone together for an equally long period of time. But caramel and chocolate have a third wheel these days when it comes to flavor – sea salt. The chocolate/caramel/sea salt combination first showed up in chocolate bars and has spread through the dessert industry, and now appears in everything from ice cream bars to hot cocoa. Natural Caramel Furanone — part of Advanced Biotech’s line of natural flavor ingredients — is a great way to enhance the flavor of caramel in any type of chocolate confectionary treat you can imagine.


On the other end of the chocolate spectrum are those treats that are embracing their savory side. Bacon can be found in numerous different products, and chocolate is no exception. The addition of maple flavors, such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Maple Furanone, or smoky flavors, such as Natural Guaiacol, make it possible to really boost the savory flavor of bacon in a product while still embracing the sweet –something that is sure to make any foodie’s taste buds go wild.


In addition to these trends, there are incredibly gourmet options (that include flavors such as lavender and pear) and novelty options (with flavors such as cupcake) that can really allow you to experiment as you create delicious flavor options. Even if you think chocolate is perfect as-is, exploring the possibilities can only lead to great things.