New Sweet and Salty Flavor Combinations

The combination of salty and sweet food seems strange, but is one that magically works and consumers can’t get enough. Sugar and salt balance one another out perfectly and prevent the other from being too intense, creating a highly-addictive flavor profile that’s become a staple in snack foods. While chocolate covered pretzels and French fries dipped in milkshakes are widely known and loved, Advanced Biotech takes a look at some lesser known sweet and salty combinations we predict will become popular over the coming year.


Prosciutto and Melon


                Simple yet complex, salty, savory prosciutto wrapped around vibrant, juicy melon makes for an award winning appetizer or cocktail hour treat. Drizzled with aged balsamic or paired with mozzarella elevates this sweet and salty combination to new culinary heights and makes for a truly unique flavor profile.


Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips


                Rich and indulgent, dipping potato chips in melted chocolate is unconventionally delicious. Crisp, salty potato chips are balanced out by sweet chocolate making it increasingly hard to eat just one. Sprinkle chopped nuts or crushed cookie pieces on the warm chocolate as it dries to make a dangerously delicious snack.


Pineapple and Bacon


                Sweet, juicy grilled pineapple is complemented perfectly by smoky, meaty bacon in a finger food that is sure to entice sweet and salty food lovers. The natural tangy acidity of pineapple is balanced out by crisp, savory bacon and tastes great skewered on a toothpick or found in a burger.


Balsamic and Berries


                Rich, savory balsamic vinegar plays well with the natural sweetness of berries, bringing out their vibrant flavor and colors. Strawberries, blueberries, and more niche choices like huckleberries taste great fresh or roasted, topped with balsamic, and garnished with chopped basil. This combo makes a great compliment to ice cream, waffles, salads, and grilled chicken.


The sweet and salty flavor combinations are endless, keeping adventurous consumers who enjoy complex flavors coming back for more.