2019 cocktail trends

New Trends in Cocktails

The cocktail trends of 2019 have given flavorists much to look forward to. This year cocktail drinkers will indulge in unusual pairings and surprising ingredients. There’s no better time for flavorists to experiment with flavorful concoctions to develop the low-and no-alcohol category.


As consumers continue to become more acutely aware of the importance of eating a healthy diet, they consider their alcohol intake with more scrutiny. As a result, this year’s cocktail menus are expected to have a larger selection of mocktails. These will incorporate more than the usual mixes of grenadine and fruit juice. There will be more alcohol-free spirits such as Seedlip, an increase usage of house-made syrups and tonics as well as fermented ingredients.


Who knew vegetables such as mushrooms, available through the use of Advanced Biotech’s organic Mushroom Distillate, tomatillo, and jicama could make their way into cocktails? Bartenders are coming up with innovative ways to use the healthy ingredient mushroom, ranging from funky choices such as mushroom tea mixed with sparkling wine to the more predictable mushroom broth.


Savory cocktails are also increasing in popularity. With savory elements such as bone broth, beets and bacon being incorporated in drinks, the sky really is the limit. As the line between food and drink grows thinner and thinner the possibilities for flavorists are endless.